The WBU is a community oriented, multi-use space in Pittsburgh’s Spring Hill neighborhood. Renovations are currently underway to restore and repair the building, which was originally home to a chapter of the Workingmen’s Beneficial Union. While we will pay homage to the building’s past and its original use as a German ethnic club and community meeting space, we will be open to the public and not require memberships.

The interior of the WBU will house Spring Hill Brewing and an adjacent game hall where folks can socialize and play games such as bocce, feather bowling, tabletop shuffleboard, and darts. A larger event space will be available for parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

The exterior of the space will be home to Rescue Street Farms, which will be using the permaculture technique known as hugelkultur to grow various types of produce for farmers markets and local businesses.

Join us later this summer as we begin the next chapter in the site’s lengthy history.